Download Music THRIVE by Toyota

A música é muito boa e a mistura de vários estilos (latino, country, pop, electrónica,...) deliciosa. A Toyota alargou a versão de 30 segundos e disponibilizou-a para download.

Aqui fica para ouvir e o resumo dos créditos:
Adds Ann Haugen, Executive Producer, Elias Arts:
“As soon as these Venza spots began to air, we were overwhelmed by emails and phone calls from consumers, telling us how much they loved these tracks! At that point, we had the idea of extending the music to become full-length songs. The agency and Toyota loved the idea. At that point, composers ‘Kemo’ Kemp and Kenny Segal next wrote and produced the full length tunes ‘Brighter Day’ and ‘Thrive.’ Toyota is responsive to its customers and wanted to indulge their passion for new music. This project proves, once again, that in addition to music for 30-second spots, Elias Arts also has the creative talent to write and master full-length, CD-quality tracks for consumers.”

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